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We are Digital Transformation experts

Digital transformation is the umbrella category that drives clients to work with us. Almost universally, our clients aspire to transform and to become digitally agile in how they interact with their customers, suppliers, employees or products. They need help creating the digital infrastructure required to fuel this strategic change.

Entity Group’s information management consultants specialise in helping clients:

  • Crystalise the specific business outcomes required, and to establish a business case and measurements to monitor progress toward those outcomes.
  • Understand their current Information landscape, and how critical data elements required to achieve success flow through their organisation today.
  • Identify gaps in people, process, technology and data infrastructure that will limit their ability to succeed.
  • Define the minimal level of process, cultural and technology change required to deliver success.
  • Establish a pragmatic/agile delivery plan to implement the changes while proving tangible incremental value each step of the way.
  • Maximise the value of current and planned investments throughout the transition.
  • Oversee or directly implement the solution(s).

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