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Single view of citizen

Improve customer service and achieve multi-£M cost savings by establishing a single view of your citizens

Single view of citizen (SIVIC)

These are unprecedented times for UK local government

Very difficult decisions are having to be made but the challenge of providing first rate, cost-effective services remains. UK local government is awash with personal information and data, the challenge now is how to unlock the power and potential of these strategic assets.

What does SIVIC do?

Entity’s SIVIC, which is available both as software-as-a-service and in-house, accesses your data in your existing operational systems and provides one single cross-council view of the citizen.

Entity SIVIC consumes data about citizens from those systems and identifies and links records for the same citizen together. It creates a central index where you can find data about any citizen and determine which source systems their data reside in. Entity SIVIC keeps existing systems in place with no need to change, remove, or replace anything.

Entity SIVIC uses sophisticated matching algorithms to link records for the same citizen. It incorporates various fuzzy matching and searching techniques to determine whether Joe Bloggs at 52 Irwin Rd and Joseph Blogs at 52 Erwin Rd are the same person. In addition to determining whether records refer to the same person, Entity SIVIC also determines where multiple records refer to the same address, so that you can establish a single view of a household.

Transform departments into citizen-centric service providers

Imagine the power of giving your staff a single view of all the information you hold on a citizen at the press of a button. Our solution will help you target services more effectively, achieve better outcomes and enhance performance monitoring while reducing cost and risk.

This means that you can offer a deeper more citizen-centric self-service capability enabling even more service transactions to be carried out online.

The current silos of citizen data make this a very difficult and time consuming challenge to overcome. Resources are stretched meaning there is an even greater need to ensure that the right citizens are getting their entitled level of service and support. This will enable better decision making to manage service demands and on which to base major funding decisions.

A single view of citizens enables councils to meet the requirements and challenges of Individual Electoral Registration (IER). It also helps public sector organisations to provide a joined-up response to troubled families.

Citizen orientated departments such as Housing, Council Tax, Revenue & Benefits, Social Services and Parking spend inordinate amounts of time accessing data across multiple
systems and manually creating logical links across the data.

This is prone to error and open to fraud abuse. If the CRM system has records for two people living at the same address but the Council Tax system shows only one person at that address, claiming a single occupant discount, will your current systems share information and uncover the discrepancy?

Having a single view of the citizen enables you to see the complete picture and make better, more informed decisions.

How SIVIC does it

SIVIC provides cross-department citizen-centricity by enabling the following:

Easily ingest and extract data

  • Entity SIVIC comes with pre-ingest routines. You simply provide your data in a specified CSV format and run the Citizen Index ingest routine. The system loads the data, matches and links records, and creates the single views automatically.
  • Entity SIVIC also comes with pre-built extract routines so that you can extract the consolidated data as well as the person and household single views to CSV files that you can then use in downstream systems.

Person and household lookup

  • Find a citizen and see their single view, including their most recent data as well as historical data, in a single place without having to search across multiple systems.
  • View a consolidated set of data drawn from the best or most recent details across all source systems.
  • Find the details for an address, including who lives there currently.
  • Track down citizens who owe parking fines, library fines, or are otherwise hard to identify by finding their latest address details in the citizen index.
  • Verify school applicant addresses through the citizen index reducing reliance on time-consuming manual processes and paperwork.

Change of circumstances notification

  • When one of your systems provides an update to citizen data, Citizen Index can notify the data stewards.
  • Data stewards review changes to citizen data and determine whether to make those same changes in their source system.
  • Citizen Index keeps track of which changes were applied to which sources and which changes were rejected by the data stewards of other systems.

Uncover single-occupant discount fraud

  • Because the citizen index combines data about who lives at each address with data about who claims a single-occupant discount, the citizen index can identify discrepancies.
  • Notifies analysts whenever it finds that someone claiming a single-occupant discount is living at the same address as other citizens.

How a single citizen view enhances services delivery and saves money

Citizen-centricity stands or falls on the quality of the citizen data you hold across your departmental systems. Without knowing who your citizens are, you cannot provide the services they need, when they need them. Joining up your data not only improves service delivery, it saves the council money. We have clients literally saving millions whilst improving service levels.

SIVIC is excellent value for money. For example – if you are a Local Authority with 250,000 citizens, to get started your total investment for this solution, including software, implementation and support services, is only about 77 pence per citizen – slightly more than the cost of first class stamp! Over five years the cost would still be less than the equivalent of a cup of coffee per citizen.

  • Improve efficiency – your employees will no longer have to search across multiple systems to find the data they need to serve your citizens. Reduce paperwork and manual
    processes by leveraging your citizen index.
  • Improve customer service – allow citizens to tell you just once of changes in circumstances. The Citizen Index can automatically tell you what other systems should be aware of the change.
  • Reduce fraud and abuse – Deliver a fairer service by identifying those who cheat the system. Whether it’s identifying Housing sublets, C/Tax single occupancy or other areas of fraud – joining up your data across the council’s silos will help significantly reduce your organisation’s exposure to fraud. One client’s business case was based on ROI in one year – they now can track better than 100% ROI on their citizen index approximately every three months.


A variant of this solution was implemented at a UK local authority, initially with 16 major systems. The solution gave the authority a flexible strategic source of customer information that helped them meet the budget challenges. Benefits were across the board from more joined up internal working, improved customer service, staff making the right decision at the right time and major inroads into the detection of fraud. It saved in excess of £1m just through fraud detection/prevention.

Added to this were a myriad of efficiencies and savings achieved via improved customer service, more joined up working and staff across all departments having the right information at the right time. Aside from financial savings that Local Authority was also able to reduce risk in key service areas including Child Protection.

SIVIC is an award-winning solution. The implementation of a SIVIC Residents’ Index for the London Borough of Camden was awarded the Government IT Transformation Award 2014. Additionally, Hilary Simpson, who lead the implementation of the solution at Camden, won the Women in IT Awards 2015, for Public Sector Deployment of the Year.

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