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We offer in-depth strategy alignment combined with deep solution delivery expertise across five areas:-

Advisory services

We’ve been in the data management business for more than 20 years now. During that time we’ve worked across many different industries and solved a wide variety of business problems for our clients. Although each client’s situation is unique, it’s true to say that we encounter a similar set of challenges again and again. To make digital transformation and digital agility a reality, you need to treat your organisation’s data as a strategic asset. Our years of experience have enabled us to develop a cross-domain implementation framework that will help you meet this challenge.

Entity’s enterprise information management (EIM) framework enables our clients to define measurable outcomes by orchestrating people, process and technology to deliver value that has a direct correlation to their strategic objectives. Entity Group’s advisory services include:

  • Information management strategy
  • Data governance strategy and implementation
  • Information architecture review and development
  • Business case and ROI development
  • Programme planning and management
  • Data quality review and strategy
  • Data assurance review and strategy

In this video Jason Edge explains how our cross-domain enterprise information management implementation framework works.

Solution implementation

Entity applies an intense focus on delivery quality, ensuring that our solution implementations are right-first-time and fit-for-purpose. Our customers trust us to see things through. Our high customer retention level and longevity with customers demonstrates this.

Our process for solution delivery is  a distillation of of our best practice in project management, software configuration and development. It embraces iterative principles and incorporates agile elements, whilst acknowledging the implicit dependencies in information management implementations.  It leverages repeatable best practices, processes and templates, and includes match tuning and performance utilities to help accelerate solution implementation. The diagram below illustrates Entity’s areas of expertise, developed over 30 years of exemplary solution delivery within the information management domain.


Enabling technology

Big data and the cloud are important components of your digital transformation architecture, enabling your organisation to succeed in a digital era operating at digital speeds. Very few organisations, however, start with a blank canvas. Entity offers independent advice to help you adopt a bi-modal approach to transformation, maximising the value of current and planned investments throughout the transition, while providing a flexible architecture to exploit digital fully.

Managed services

Our managed services allow you to cost-effectively transfer the complexity, cost and risk of managing and supporting a business critical service to digital experts.

At Entity, we pride ourselves on providing a service that is tailored to your unique requirements.

We start by meeting with business and IT owners to discuss the overall service strategy and then move on to designing your data management services from the ground up. We recognise that our customers do not stand still so we continually review and improve services to ensure they continue to represent value for money. Utilising the latest event monitoring technology, we can identify incidents and problems before they occur, but if they do, our expert service operations team will return the service to full working order with minimal business impact.

Big data – the 5 C's

Our approach to big data is aligned with our approach to generating value from all corporate data.

Whether it’s capturing and interpreting billions of data points from car engine sensors for a global manufacturer, making sense of the millions of track sections mastered and managed by a national rail operator or helping a government develop their information management strategy, Entity has helped our clients drive meaningful business insights and value from their Big Data assets, while continuing to drive value from existing systems.

We deliver a data reservoir by focusing on the five big data C’s:

  • Completeness: all the relevant data needed by the business
  • Cleanliness: data quality matters, regardless of size (signal to noise ratio declines as data volumes increase)
  • Context: data must be relevant to expected/desired outcomes of the business
  • Control: governance is critical, more so with scale
  • Curation: a complete lifecycle management for data is essential


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