Salesforce Integration for Dummies

The must-read plan for integrating Salesforce effectively

Salesforce is tracking more than your sales pipeline. It’s being adopted by services, by marketing, and beyond. To play a pivotal role in shaping your Salesforce integration strategy and manage data complexity, you’ll want a plan.

“Salesforce Integration For Dummies” offers step-by-step guidance that’ll help you:

  • Get more out of Salesforce: Integrate information from legacy ERP, other cloud apps (and other on premise systems) into Salesforce to create a 360-degree, customer-centric view.
  • Deal with data complexity: Increasing complexity can snowball and affect successful Salesforce adoption and expansion. We’ll show you the art of navigating Salesforce’s lifecycle.
  • Know what’s needed for optimal Salesforce integration: Identify your integration points, assess your data quality, and create a master data management strategy – all parts of a Salesforce integration plan.

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