MDM Housekeeping
Single View of Citizen
Single View of Patient
Global Identity Master

MDM Housekeeping

Entity’s MDM Housekeeping Service is a packaged service offering designed to ensure that your MDM Hub runs at its optimum level, by regularly reviewing its matching thresholds and configuration tuning.

MDM Hubs by their very nature contain matching data ingested from disparate data sources. Changes over time may cause a degradation in Hub performance.

Business change is often the only constant we deal with – this is why we describe MDM as a journey rather than a solution. New business objectives may be introduced during the lifetime of the MDM Hub, requiring an adjustment to its configuration; often to obtain optimal matching for all business needs – across different business areas.

To discover the ways the MDM Housekeeping Service can benefit you, read our product sheet and complete our enquiry form.

Single View of Citizen (SIVIC)

Improve customer service and achieve significant cost savings by establishing a single view of your citizens.


What does SIVIC do?

SIVIC (Single View of Citizen) accesses your data in your existing operational systems and provides one single cross-departmental view of the citizen.

SIVIC consumes data about citizens from those systems and identifies and links records for the same citizen together. It creates a central index where you can find data about any citizen and determine which source systems their data reside in. SIVIC keeps existing systems in place with no need to change, remove, or replace anything.


Single View of Patient (SVP)

Reduce administration and costs, increase clinical efficiency and improve healthcare delivery.

What does SVP do?

SVP (Single View of Patient) is designed specifically to identify the same patient across disparate systems and connect those records together.

This is a key requirement in healthcare organisations where different systems configured in different ways with different types of patient data abound across distinctly different healthcare disciplines and sub-disciplines.

SVP creates a central index where you can find data about any patient and furthermore identify the source systems.

Global Identity Master

Global Identity Master – Global Identity Master (GIM) is an innovative solution for organisations that need to manage the master data of citizens and customers.

Entity’s GIM is the first product built specifically for countries and organisations working in both Arabic and English languages to seamlessly combine world-class, proven Master Data Management (MDM) software with advanced name recognition capabilities.

The underlying technology can support any number of databases and link together billions of records. Its powerful features provide benefits to your business whether your name and identity data are in English or Arabic scripts, or a mixture of both.