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Information Management Consultancy
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Wrestling with Data in your Enterprise?

Not Maximising Opportunities? Not Meeting your Obligations?

Many enterprises are wrestling with data, they are not maximising the opportunities that data can provide and are facing new stringent obligations, such as GDPR.

Entity Group offers a number of information management consultancy services to help customers balance this wrestling match between their obligations and opportunities.

For example, Entity’s data management consultancy services can help deliver an enterprise data management roadmap, covering the next three to five years, in support of your enterprise business objectives or strategy.

Entity’s team has delivered a number of consultancy services projects across the world. These have been in diverse sectors, and have included the financial services and insurance sectors through to an information management strategy for an entire Middle Eastern Government. For further information about our Case Studies please refer to our Impact section here.



What is an Entity Scribble Session?

  • No initial cost to you
  • Typically a minimum of 2 hours
  • Will be attended by a member of the Entity Consultancy team
  • Focuses on your key business data management objectives or strategy
  • Can involve as many of your team as you deem appropriate
  • Entity will show where we can help you add value

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