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General Data Protection Regulation, Crossing the Data Delta, Informatica Virtual Cloud Summit and more

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Crossing the Data Delta
Recently endorsed by Aaron Zornes and widely recognised as a “must-read” in the Data Management space, our Data Delta method is now available as an e-book. Click Here to register for your free hard copy or go to Amazon to download the ebook for approximately £1, $1 or 1 Euro, depending on your location. Be sure to check out the book on March 1st on Amazon when it is available for free download.

Given the current hype around the new General Data Protection Regulation, this is worthy of another mention under its own heading. GDPR is effectively where Entity’s customers will Cross the Data Delta from a compliance perspective. No doubt, the General Data Protection Regulation will mean collecting more – not less – data about “person” in the context of “consent” in the way that you use that person data – fundamentally, a data (or Big Data) management challenge with the need for a clear understanding of the regulations. Entity has studied the regulations and has the data management credentials to help you along the GDPR journey, regardless of the underlying technology platform.

Furthermore, we believe in balancing obligation – GDPR compliance in this case – with opportunity. If you need to invest in customer-centric compliance why not explore how this can actually add value to your business, while demonstrating commitment to GDPR that the regulatory authorities will be demanding in your local markets.

Vendor Related Items
Informatica is in the process of re-branding itself as the “Enterprise Cloud Data Management” company and has its first Virtual Cloud Summit event happening next Wednesday 1st March. Click here to register. In addition they recently announced the acquisition of Diaku Axon – see a LinkedIn post here about this.

IBM: Entity Group works proactively with IBM in the creation and delivery of IBM-technology based solutions such as Entity’s SIVIC and SVR solutions. For any customer embarking on a data journey with IBM technology, Entity can provide independent advice and cost-effective advisory and delivery services.

Our partner, Semarchy, have announced a strategic partnership with Denodo. The value proposition is that the combination of Master Data Management (MDM) and data virtualization capabilities enables Chief Data Officers, data stewards, and other information management professionals to enrich trusted master data records with related contextual information such as transactions and social interactions. Entity is providing delivery services with the launch customer for this partnership in the USA. Find out more here.

Cloudera Partnership:
Recognising that many of our clients are actively embracing Big Data solutions, Entity Group have joined Cloudera’s partnership programme to leverage that relationship in helping solve challenging Big Data requirements to deliver business value and compliance with GDPR.

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