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MDM housekeeping service

Is your MDM hub at its optimum matching level?

MDM housekeeping service

Entity’s MDM housekeeping service is a packaged service offering designed to ensure that your MDM hub runs at its optimum level, by regularly reviewing its matching thresholds and configuration tuning.

MDM hubs by their very nature contain matching data ingested from disparate data sources. Changes over time may cause a degradation in hub performance. Some reasons why thresholds set during a development project may not be optimal on an ongoing basis are:

  • At the start of a project, because customers are usually conservative with matching, thresholds may be set higher, resulting in less automatic matching. After a period of use, the data stewards may want to lower the threshold as they become more trusting of the matching levels, thus reducing the amount of time spent on manual stewardship tasks.
  • Changes in the source systems may affect the quality of the data (for the better or worse) and may impact the distribution of automatic matches and data steward manual matches.
  • Business change is often the only constant we deal with – this is why we describe MDM as a journey rather than a solution. New business objectives may be introduced during the lifetime of the MDM hub, requiring an adjustment to its configuration; often to obtain optimal matching for all business needs – across different business areas. There may be other considerations such as should separate entity types be created for different business areas?

In addition to reviewing thresholds, Entity regularly assesses other aspects of the MDM solution to ensure non-functional requirements continue to be achieved. These include:
• File load times
• Files sizes (import and export)
• Responsiveness of the data steward’s user interface
• Internal processing performance (system queues, memory, disk space, etc.)

These reviews are conducted at regular intervals – typically 2-3 days on site quarterly. We allow sufficient time for minor changes to be made during review visits. More complex changes (such as an agreed data model change) can be scheduled and managed through an appropriate change process for your site.

Entity’s MDM housekeeping service is sold as an annual package and includes:
• Up to 12 days per year of a senior MDM consultant’s time on your site (UK sites only)
• Tuning as outlined above
• All travel and accommodation expenses

What it costs

Entity MDM housekeeping (per 12 months)

£15,500 (+ VAT) for customer sites located within 100 miles of London.

£16,500 (+ VAT) for customer sites located more than 100 miles from London.

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