Five ways to reach for the skies with your IT architecture

by Matthew Harris on 27th June 2018


Some of man’s greatest achievements come from our city skylines.  The grandeur of the Empire State Building in New York, the Shard in London or Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, inspires and excites the viewer.  The ability of the architecture and construction of these engineering marvels to inspire and excite us has many parallels to the architecture and construction of large scale, enterprise IT systems – if and when they are built correctly.

Let’s look at some of the key components of a modern-day skyscraper and how these may relate to a large business’ enterprise IT ecosystem:






While having the latest trends in furnishings, or business analytics, may be exciting and fashionable, having a building or IT systems crumble because of poor foundations could be catastrophic.  The weight of burgeoning IT systems that rest upon what can only be described as a sandy foundation, means many organisations are at risk of these systems collapsing.  Addressing data governance and implementing strong people, process and technology solutions  will reinforce the platform that your enterprise IT architecture is built on. Thus your IT systems will be able to grow and deliver the value that they were designed for – hopefully inspiring and enabling you and your colleagues to reach new heights of business success.

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