Core principles of understanding your data

Jason Edge explains the core principles of Entity’s approach to enterprise information management:

  • All data is owned – this means that it should have a clearly defined owner with senior levels of authority
  • All data is described – to describe your data you need to be able to understand it in terms of its purpose, structure, format, quality and security
  • All data should have known quality – its unrealistic to expect pure 100% quality of data all the time however organisations should have the means to measure and evaluate the quality of the data that they hold
  • All data should be appropriately accessible – this means thinking about the entire lifecycle of the data through from where is it captured and collated all the way through to the archiving and deleting of data
  • All data should be used and shared appropriately – this means ensuring that data is available to the people who need it, when they need it, in the format in which they need it

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