Project Type: Solution Implementation

Single view of customer for improved cross-sell and up-sell initiatives for a leading UK online insurer


Founded in 2000, this company offers general insurance cover, using the internet as its primary sales channel. From the outset, its goal was to offer superior service – on both the internet and phone – while using advanced systems and underwriting to keep premiums low. The company is now a household name and had registered over 1 million customers before its 5th year.


The company experienced an explosion in data volumes across its different systems. As business volumes grew, so did the proliferation of customer information, creating millions of records that had the potential to contain duplicate or conflicting information.


After a comprehensive selection procedure this online insurer procured the IBM Infosphere MDM solution to help resolve this issue.

IBM asked Entity to design and implement a solution that would provide the client with the trust that the company needed in its own data, eliminating duplicates, creating a trusted system of record and providing the framework for data quality initiatives.

Entity Group delivered the entire project implementation from requirements gathering through to testing and go-live activities.  The solution provides a consolidated, single customer view.


The benefits of this solution are realised through the creation of a single trusted view of the company’s customer base across each of its line of business systems.

This improves customer satisfaction, provides a framework for regulatory compliance and improves the company’s capabilities to up-sell and cross-sell additional business to its existing customers.