Towards customer-centricity in insurance

Why insurers must adopt an enterprise vision for information management

Major challenges are driving insurers to examine more carefully how they derive increased value from all sources of relevant data. These challenges include:

  • Major transformational programs such as customer-centricity and digitisation
  • External factors such as new opportunity driving technology and market influences
  • Changes in customer and client behaviour, increasing complexity
  • The digitalisation of broker and affiliate channels
  • Data security, fraud prevention
  • Staying compliant

These challenges all contribute to insurers seeking ways to use data and information to drive more value for their stakeholders. This situation is complex already. The complexity is increased when new data related opportunities occur such as social media engagement and high volume data such as telematics.

Insurers must cope with this complexity, while the pressure to improve revenues, cut costs and to attract and keep customers remains, in markets where the use of aggregators is increasing and retention is declining.

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