Why you shouldn’t┬áput transactional data in an MDM Hub

Organisations hold a number of different categories of data. For example, metadata, reference data, master data, transaction data, audit data and log data are all typical categories of data. The classification of data defines how important the data is to an organisation and therefore the level of effort the organisation should spend to care for it and govern it.

Often organisations developing a master data management hub assume that all their data should be held in it, irrespective of what kind of data it is or where it has come from. However, that’s not the case. Put data into an MDM hub comes at a cost and whether or not a particular type of data should be included depends very much on its value to the business and the cost of maintaining it.

This white paper outlines the different types of data and how to identify them, as well as explaining what should and shouldn’t go into an MDM hub, with a particular focus on transactional data.

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