Project Type: Solution Implementation

Implementation of master data management, reference data management and data governance for one of the UK's leading general insurance providers


This major UK insurer is one of the UK’s leading general insurance providers. Its operations span the UK, Italy and Germany.

The entire group has over 1.5 million active policies that it oversees among its multiple brands.


This major UK insurer has established a need for a multi-year digital transformation programme to re-engineer the organisation’s business intelligence and analytics strategy.

The initial requirements identified a number of areas that this organisation needed to resolve, therefore the programme encompasses a variety of areas, including:

  • Reference data
  • Master data
  • Integration
  • Data governance
  • Business intelligence
  • Analytics


Entity Group, one of Europe’s leading information management solutions specialists, was selected to work alongside a number of its strategic partners. These included Informatica and IBM. Entity was engaged to provide:

  • Reference data management, architecture and implementation
  • Master data management, architecture and implementation
  • Data governance management, architecture and implementation

The solution was developed in a number of phases, focusing first on discovery, followed by design and implementation.

Entity also helped set up an effective data governance team structure and policies, resulting in:

  • Improved data quality
  • Improved confidence and reliance on the data being reported
  • Effective data reporting


The programme with this major UK insurer has completed its initial phases, successfully meeting budget and delivery expectations.