Project Type: Solution Implementation

Delivery of a single view of citizen across 11 source systems for joined-up services and fraud reduction


The London Borough of Brent is a London borough in North West London, and forms part of Outer London. The borough has an estimated population of 311,000 citizens and 1.5 million citizen records across 11 source systems.


  • Create a real-time view of each citizen: integrate information across all departments and provide a single view of residents’ data
  • Streamline operational efficiencies: reduce administration costs, improve customer service and minimise benefit fraud and budget overspend
  • Leverage sharing of client index: share information nationally with central government, regionally with other London boroughs and locally with valued partners

The London Borough of Brent had as an objective an implementation of a single view of citizen to improve data quality across department systems.

Data entry errors and inaccurate resident data were leading to inconsistent service provision to residents and an inefficient use of council resources in maintaining data.


Entity was invited by the London Borough of Brent and by IBM to assist in:

  • Migrating Brent’s data into the IBM Infosphere MDM software
  • Implementing IBM Infosphere MDM software
  • Integrating the Council systems to the citizen index
  • Training of key business users to operate the system


Improved data quality for customer information

  • MDM hub as single source of truth for customer information
  • Reduced data entry errors from re-entering customer data multiple times
  • Reduced duplication in CRM
  • Change of circumstances – timely reporting of customer changes to all back office systems
  • Golden view of the citizen based on most accurate and timely data made available to all 11 source systems

Used customer data more efficiently

  • The ability to search across multiple back office systems for customer information using one interface
  • Restricted view of customer data made available to all staff with a business need to view it
    – Reduction in staff time trying to track down information from other departments
    – Reduction in back office system licenses
    – Reduced double entry
  • ‘Avoidable contact’ – ability to proactively contact ‘new’ citizens about services they require using the most cost effective medium. (e.g. email, web portal, SMS)
  • ‘Tell us once’ – ability to share data provided once by the customer with all relevant back office systems (e.g. change of address, notification of a death)


  • Accessing of client index by emergency planning team
  • Identification of potentially vulnerable individuals from the source data, enabling the fire commander on scene to coordinate an assisted evacuation of potentially vulnerable individuals
  • Enabled subsequent GIS mapping of citizen data by Brent to highlight vulnerable individuals by location/proximity to emergency
  • Noise control officers had instant access when investigating noise complaints
  • Parent residency checks were enabled to confirm eligibility based on current and previous addresses in the citizen index

The solution was delivered within the budget and time constraints.