Lead-to-cash: the value of big data analytics for telecoms

The challenge of the digital age

The speed of change in the information age continues to accelerate. The digital world is changing the rules, and telecommunications service providers are having to evolve from being process and account-oriented to focusing firmly on the individual. By combining products and plans, service providers are able to offer increased flexibility through unique customer journeys to service an increasingly competitive double, triple and quadruple-play market.

But with this flexibility comes massive complexity and an exponential growth in data volumes. Successful operators are the vanguard of the digital world – adapting to meet the demand for individually tailored packages of services. Each of the component services must continue to demonstrate innovation – to outclass the competition, and to do so at ever an increasing pace.

While struggling to keeping pace in its fast-moving markets, telcos face a nexus of additional pressures, including:

  • Stringent legal and regulatory requirements
  • Increasing costs in developing and maintaining technical infrastructure (people, equipment and fleets)
  • Demand for a highly resilient ‘always on’ service

All whilst continuing to increase revenues, reduce operational costs and ensure that VIPs are treated with the due care and attention they demand and deserve, as well as dealing with the challenges of operating in a highly competitive sector characterised by much disruptive technology.

For the telco industry, big data is already here – real time and near real time analytics on large and overlapping data sets. Telecommunications companies are uniquely positioned to capitalise on this opportunity. They are at the epicentre of the communications industry, control its underlying infrastructure and are awash with data on how customers use, interact with and buy their products. The challenge now is how to unlock the power and potential of these strategic assets.

This white paper outlines the obstacles to realising the potential of big data and discusses how telecoms companies can best avoid these and implement successful big data strategies.

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