CIOs should adopt a bimodal IT approach

In this video Jason Edge argues that we stand on the edge of a huge opportunity for the IT dept and CIO to be more outward facing and engaged with the business rather than thinking of themselves purely as service providers.  In order for CIOs to truly take advantage of this opportunity they need to adopt what Gartner calls a bimodal approach to IT. Traditionally IT is seen as being slow to respond and a bit of a dinosaur. That’s with good reason – the CIO is charged with providing a stable service and keeping customer happy.

However, the problem with the digital era is that we’re now working at digital speed. The organisation  is facing outwards and trying to satisfy the needs of a IT savvy client base and traditional IT  departments can struggle to with that. The challenge is how to keep the base services running smoothly whilst also being able to deliver the digital-paced extras that people increasingly expect. The key to this is to put in place a very robust base in terms of the standard services. Once this is operating reliably then it gives the flexibility to respond to new challenges at digital speed. An effective enterprise information management strategy allows you to understand the chain of dependencies from a strategic view of the organisation right down to nuts and bolts of implementation.

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