Data governance in financial services

Is effective data governance a choice or a necessity in financial services today?

The global banking industry is experiencing a period of uncompromising change that will permanently alter its shape, its ways of doing business, its winners and its losers.

“Flowing complete, accurate, timely data to the people and processes that need it is the lifeblood of a modern organisation.”

Ambuj Goyal, IBM

Data governance is the activity of co-ordinating people, processes and systems to ensure that the information that powers an enterprise is accurate and trustworthy.

While the banking industry was one of the first to adopt the concepts of enterprise data management, there is still a lot to do. Effective data governance is a moving target and is still a distant dream for the vast majority of enterprises.

This free white paper discusses why many data governance projects in financial services fail and identifies strategies you can use to increase the chances of success.

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