Data Delta Introduction

Crossing the Data Delta

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Crossing the Data Delta is a new book from Entity Group that sets out an innovative analysis of the digital revolution.

It focuses on the gap between the enormous amount of data that organisations have, and the difficulties they face turning this into measurable business value. It applies whether your data is structured or unstructured, whether your organisation is large or small; whatever type of organisation you work for. Crossing the Data Delta presents an agile approach to driving digital value in your organisation. It provides a clarion call to treat data as an asset.

The valuation of a modern organisation depends upon the quality of its data. Turning accurate, complete, timely, secure data into business intelligence is how organisations will win the data wars of the 21st century. Crossing the Data Delta tells you exactly how to do that.

Crossing the Data Delta contents

  • Introduction to the data delta
  • Customer case studies
    • A spider’s web of management information
    • Who am I?
    • Who are my customers?
    • How much did we spend?
    • Pole dancing
    • Banking on success
  • Crossing the data delta
    • Data delta – a concept
    • Data delta – an attitude
    • Data delta – a method
    • Data delta – an approach
    • Data delta – finding the right context
  • Elements of the data delta model
    • Data governance
    • Enterprise data warehouse, business intelligence and analytics
    • Document and content management
    • Master data management (MDM)
    • Reference data management (RDM)

  • Integration and interoperability
  • Open data
  • Data storage
  • Information security and privacy
  • Data quality management and remediation
  • Data architecture
  • Data modelling and design
  • Meta data management
  • Data catalogue


  • The future
    • The internet of things
    • Social media and personal data
    • The big data future
    • Algorithms as an asset
    • Emerging technologies
    • The data delta future
  • Putting it together

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