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Project management is easy. First you need a plan and by a plan we mean the full consideration of all the outcomes, products, deliverables, risks, constraints, dependencies, resources including time, money, people and their knowledge skills and experience.  Oh yes, and the context and culture in which you need to operate and deliver the project (which may be part of a complex programme).

Project Management Chalk Board

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Entity Group has over 30 years of experience in running implementations, projects and complex programmes. We have used a variety of methods and we have learned, sometimes the hard way, what works. Whether it is traditional waterfall, or agile, or a blend of the two – we are ready to share our experiences and help you plan your journey to meet your business goals.

We want you to be successful and we can only achieve joint success through working effectively together. Entity Group recommends and applies a project governance approach that best suits each customer’s objectives. We assess the project and its context, i.e. how it fits into bigger picture, and in doing so we recognise the culture and the preferences of each organisation.

Project governance is vital. Whether you are using Agile methods such as Scrum with regular deliveries from each Sprint; moving towards a MVP (minimum viable product) or using a more waterfall approach where the governance objectives dictate discrete stages to ensure quality.

In all cases success is based on disciplined execution and the ability to face up to the inevitable events that may occur to disrupt. We use our cumulative years of professional experience to deliver on time, to specification and budget.

All implementations are treated as a project. We take care to establish the success criteria and bring to bear the appropriate resources and a team with the necessary range of knowledge, skills and experience.

We believe it is very important that implementation is not treated as an “install, turn on and hand over”. We add the essential element of understanding the business value required and building those value expectations into the success criteria into each implementation project.

Project Management Path to Goal

Project plan leading to the goal.

Contact Entity to explain your project and implementation challenges and test us on the words written above.


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