IBM Master Data Management Express – your top six questions answered

by Matt Nixon on 10th July 2018

MDM Express

In this article one of our lead technical consultants, Matt Nixon, provides the “least you should know” information about the IBM MDM Express solution and a 4 minute video overview:

What is IBM Master Data Management Express?

According to IBM’s website: IBM MDM Express rapidly and easily deploys a master data management solution to leverage trusted data and create a 360-degree view of information.

Why has IBM developed this solution?

MDM can be quite a complex product to implement usually consisting of at least an application server and a separate database server. This product allows MDM to be installed within a single Docker container, considerably faster and with a smaller footprint than other versions.

How does this differ from other IBM MDM solutions?

As it’s wholly installed within a container, access to “under the bonnet” is very restricted. Apart from a Tab or Comma separated files, the only other way for data in or out is a simple REST web service.

Why might I choose to use this instead of those other solutions?

If your project requirements match the predefined data model and don’t need complex rules or the data connectors from DataStage or Clover.

What is NOT in it that I might miss out on?

The data model within the product is fixed, as is the algorithm and user interface, also as previously mentioned interfaces are limited to tab/comma separated files and a REST web service.

Does it have any  special features for particular users or industries that make it a “must have” solution?

With built-in consent management, easier configuration, machine learning features and rapid deployments all within a single instance, makes it a very interesting proposition for those who want a “quick-start” but capable MDM solution.

Watch the four minute video overview here:


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