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aChord: expert data management in the cloud

Does your organisation have information on hundreds or thousands of customers, citizens or stakeholders?

Is their data spread across multiple different systems and of varying quality?

Do you lack the internal IT resources to manage it all?

If your data is disconnected or inaccurate, you and your team will struggle to focus on your day to day business roles as you battle with data-related issues.

These could be related to creating a single view of customer; complying with regulation or realising operational efficiencies.

aChord is a Cloud-based data management and governance solution that will enable you to outsource your data challenges. You can have the confidence of knowing that your information is stored securely and can be made available to the right people as and when they need it.

How does it work?

aChord links up all the data regarded as important to your organisation. Entity Group’s consultants can use it to connect your strategic business goals through to every individual fact or field of information on every record or document.

First we help you identify and prioritise your business goals and initiatives and then aChord will helps to visualise all the data related to these via a KPI dashboard.

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aChord has a number of other capabilities. Contact us to discuss further.

What are the benefits?

Entity’s aChord™ platform helps our consultants to enable the organisations we work for to make better business decisions via improved data governance and management.

It will save you time, resources and budget and give you the confidence that your data management is in the hands of experts – leaving you to realise the value in your data by applying it to your business goals.

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge workers rely on good quality information to work effectively. aChord™ encourages everyone to become engaged in contributing knowledge and expertise to enhance the way your organisation operates.

When things need to change aChord™ keeps all interested parties involved in the conversation continuously monitoring and controlling processes to improve the data.

The aChord Approach

The journey towards valuable, actionable information has four stages:

  • Assess
  • Report
  • Remediate
  • Operate

At each of these stages help is provided through the coordination of people, process and technology. 

aChord GDPR edition

The aChord™ GDPR edition is based on the core aChord™ platform of people, process and technology but with specific, pre-built accelerators to make the journey to GDPR data compliance easier. These components are all part of the data management as a service platform that aChord™ provides in the cloud and are accompanied by Entity Group’s advisory services and/or managed services to ensure they are delivered effectively.


Entity Group has built a number of assets designed to help customers comply with the data aspects of the impending GDPR. These assets, alongside our Data Delta method have been used to inform our aChord™ GDPR accelerators. You can find out more on our GDPR pages or take a look at our aChord™ GDPR four stage journey infographic.

Contact us today to find out more about how our team, our expertise and our aChord™ solution can help your organisation to govern and manage your most valuable asset – your data.

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