aChord Managed Service

aChord: data management in the cloud


Entity’s aChord™ platform enables organisations to make better business decisions by working with the best information available.

aChord™ is a cloud-based managed service solution with user-friendly visual dashboards. Your business people will be able to identify, capture, describe, assign ownership and manage your organisational data. It can also provide access to external stakeholders as appropriate. It’s a fully-featured, flexible, secure and robust service that addresses the underlying complexities of effective data management.

The platform is based upon Entity Group’s unique Data Delta method which will instil confidence in the data governance processes that can be rolled out. aChord™ can be used across your entire business or focused on one area such as GDPR, single customer view or product mastering. Available in the cloud, it will swiftly become a living resource for everyone within your organisation.

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge workers rely on good quality information to work effectively. aChord encourages everyone to become engaged in contributing knowledge and expertise to enhance the way your organisation operates. When things need to change aChord keeps all interested parties involved in the conversation continuously monitoring and controlling processes to improve the data.

aChord™ represents a comprehensive and dynamic model of the entire information landscape. It has powerful glossary management features to highlight how everything links to standard definitions and terms.

aChord™ builds on and enhances everything your organisation does well in terms of servicing your customers. It also helps to optimise processes and procedures, to minimise risk and to address compliance and accountability.

Core Capabilities

aChord™ dashboard

The dashboard records data that is loaded through the aChord™ staging area within the aChord™ data catalogue, along with basic data profiling and data lineage information. This data is made available on a centralised dashboard which can be extended or customised to your requirements.

aChord™ catalogue

The catalogue is effectively your enterprise “data dictionary”, bringing together all your data elements with the ability to describe what the data is for, where it is used and to assign a lifecycle policy to the data. With the impending GDPR this is an essential component to understand where you hold Subject Data and why.

aChord™ staging areas

Some customers prefer that the complexities of loading data to and from critical applications, such as MDM, are abstracted away. To meet this requirement, the aChord™ solution provides the ability to stage the data in native format and invoke an integration process to offer data lineage and transformation within a managed environment.

aChord™ integration

For near real time integration patterns aChord™ provides AWS messaging services like Simple Queue Service and Simple Workflow can provide guaranteed delivery services. Entity’s aChord™ offering can extend traceability across multiple systems and can use a variety of Data Integration technologies. aChord™ registers the source data within the catalogue, and provides basic data quality metrics and tracks data lineage throughout the platform.

The aChord™ approach

aChord™ is designed to encourage people to start with a ‘sketch’ of known elements of information. An element could be as little as the name of a report. It is better to capture even this small amount of information than to remain ignorant of that report’s existence. A high-level picture of the data landscape is enabled that can become more detailed over time. All elements can immediately become incorporated into the connected view of how your organisation uses data. The notification and workflow elements of aChord™ can then take care of prompting the right people for more information.

aChord GDPR edition


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