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Global Identity Master (GIM)

An innovative solution for organisations that need to manage the master data of citizens and customers

Global Identity Master (GIM)

Global Identity Master (GIM) is a new, exciting and innovative solution for organisations that need to manage the master data of citizens and customers in the Middle East and North Africa.

Entity’s GIM is the first product built specifically for countries working in both Arabic and English languages to seamlessly combine world-class, proven Master Data Management (MDM) software with the most advanced name recognition capabilities.

The GIM solution is applicable across a wide range of sectors including policing, security, finance, healthcare, travel, transportation, hospitality, oil and gas and most government functions from central administration to municipality requirements.

As a fully-scalable enterprise-level packaged solution, GIM additionally provides extensive data stewardship features, aligned with comprehensive administration capabilities to ensure a robust, managed and secure environment in line with your organisation’s IT policies.

Global identity master enables:

  • Develop a single view of citizen/customer using comprehensive MDM capabilities, to provide trusted, governed and consolidated views of data across multiple existing business applications (e.g. packaged solutions such as Oracle or SAP, or applications
    developed internally).
  • Maintain realistic standards of data quality across the organisation allowing for human error in key pieces of information, by using sophisticated ‘fuzzy’ matching to cater for errors and differences in codes and numbers between systems. Passport numbers, ID numbers, Phone numbers etc can all be found and matched even if not exactly correct.
  • Manage name data whether it is in English, Arabic or mixed script across multiple databases. Both the name searching AND the data in the databases can be in either English or Arabic.
  • Manage the reality of data quality relating to names, where perfection is not possible. GIM is built upon fully-integrated name management capabilities that use an analytical name-matching approach which considers orthographic spelling information, noise filtration techniques and semantic, cultural and syntactic patterns utilising IBM’s patented Global Names Management (GNM) software. This measures the similarity between names, based on an empirical name list of nearly one billion names from around the world.

GIM – Name Search in English (Latin) script

  • The user interface of GIM is highly configurable as part of the implementation process. An ‘out-of-the-box’ interface shows a simple search for the name Mohamed Farah; note the data returned contains records in both English and Arabic scripts with many
    different spellings.
  • A red-amber-green, “traffic light” colour scheme is just one way to convey to the user how close a match were the records retrieved to the one searched, and displays equivalent empirical weightings.
  • Web Services allow the powerful cross script, multi-cultural searching capabilities to be embedded in your line of business applications and Business Process Management (BPM) software.

GIM – Name Search in Arabic script

  • Equally the search can be conducted using Arabic script, returning the exact same information as searched for in Latin script.
  • Note other key identity data displayed of the golden view of the person, aggregated across multiple systems using IBM’s industry leading Infosphere MDM Standard Edition (IBM InfoSphere MDM SE) technology.

Comparison of name searches in English and Arabic

Technical overview

Entity’s GIM can be perceived as a ‘black-box’ solution exposed to your existing technical environment through industry standard web services.

GIM utilises world-class components inside the ‘black box’ through the integration of IBM’s GNM and MDM products at a base-code level. These components are themselves rich in functionality:

IBM InfoSphere MDM SE

  • Enables organisations to maintain a complete, highly accurate, realtime view of master data through a configurable, out-of-the-box solution
  • Supports registry (or virtual) style implementations, which offer quick time-to-value
  • Workflow capabilities to implement policies and processes for data stewardship and data governance
  • Flexible and extensible data model built for MDM
  • Highly accurate probabilistic matching and search
  • Policy management to author, monitor and enforce data quality
  • Solutions framework to enable and enhance applications and processes with master data
  • Data stewardship to inspect and resolve data quality issues
  • Relationship and hierarchy management to manage household and B2B relationships
  • Integrate with multiple batch and real-time options

IBM InfoSphere GNM

  • Helps manage, search, analyse, and compare multicultural name data sets by leveraging culture-specific name data and linguistic rules
  • Leverages a unique linguistic-based approach that is based on over 20 years of research to address the needs of managing personal and business names from all over the world
  • Conducts knowledge-based name matching that considers every name, which greatly reduces false negatives and false positives
  • Scores and ranks results by leveraging linguistic-based search capabilities that consider similarity of pronunciation to identify matches as well as cultural variations
  • Identifies and classifies the cultural heritage, country of association, gender, and parsing of a name, allowing for actionable business decisions
  • Manages multiple scripts including Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Hangul (Korean), and Kana (Japanese), both Hiragana and Katakana


GIM enables you to use the full power of both GNM and MDM to help manage your records whether the names of your customers or citizens are from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the Americas or even Oceania. These powerful features provide benefits to your business whether your name and identity data are in English or Arabic scripts, or a mixture of both.

GIM provides an enterprise level solution to the business needs of governmental and commercial organisations managing customer and citizen information. The underlying IBM InfoSphere MDM SE solution can support any number of databases and link together billions of records.

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