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GDPR is a data management problem

At Entity Group we have built GDPR resources based on our 30 years of experience in helping clients address data management and governance challenges. GDPR is one of the biggest data management problems we have seen companies struggle with.  However it is also a substantial opportunity for organisations acting in the role of data controllers and data processors to build trust with data subjects. They have the chance to become truly customer/citizen/employee centric with all the associated tangible and intangible benefits this can deliver.

Do you need practical help or a data strategy for GDPR compliance? If so, you are in the right place. Read on.

Mind the GDPR gap!

The reason why GDPR seems like such a big gap to fill is because very few organisations have a holistic data strategy in place and are, therefore, in no position to take advantage of opportunities afforded by GDPR or any other regulatory obligation. Data governance and information management strategies can be difficult to articulate and seem even more difficult to execute. However, we believe they are achievable with the right assistance.

The gap highlighted by GDPR is the “delta” between where organisations are today with their data and where they want to be tomorrow. GDPR compliance is a specific example of a data delta that needs to be crossed and the best way to approach it is with tried and tested data management techniques. At Entity Group we wrote a book called “Crossing the Data Delta” which you can download for free here. It outlines our full approach to tackling data management in your organisation.

We can also offer a great deal of practical assistance. Entity Group has a variety of different ways to help you start your journey across the GDPR delta including:

Entity Group GDPR assets

We have developed a number of assets to assist you in your journey towards GDPR data compliance. These include:

  • A GDPR Data Model
  • A GDPR Checklist mapped to the ICO’s 12 steps
  • A GDPR roadmap aligned to our Data Delta principles

Our Advisory Services team uses these in all GDPR engagements to ensure a consistent approach to your data challenges based on sound data management principles.

Contact us for a free two hour strategy session to discuss how you could make use of our GDPR expertise.

Our webinars include:

GDPR Consent Mastering

GDPR for Public Sector – iGov Survey results

GDPR for Insurance

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