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What is an Entity data strategy and planning session?

One of our team of expert information management consultants will facilitate a workshop with you and as many members of your team as you deem appropriate. The workshop will focus on identifying your key data management objectives and assessing the effectiveness of your current data management strategy.

What does this workshop cost?

This workshop is free – there is no initial cost to you – and it will typically take a minimum of 2 hours. We are happy to conduct this workshop for you on the basis that it is focused around an existing or budgeted data management project within your organisation.

How will I benefit?

At the end of the session you’ll have a much clearer idea of how you might address the data management challenges you face and how Entity could help you with this.

Why is data management important?

Many enterprises are not maximising the opportunities that data can provide and are facing new stringent obligations, such as GDPR.

How can Entity help?

Entity Group offers a number of information management consultancy services to help customers balance their obligations and opportunities.

For example, Entity’s data management consultancy services can help deliver an enterprise data management roadmap, covering the next three to five years, in support of your enterprise business objectives or strategy.

Who else has Entity worked for?

Entity’s team has delivered a number of consultancy services projects across the world. These have been in diverse sectors, and have included the financial services and insurance sectors through to an information management strategy for an entire Middle Eastern Government. See our extensive list of case studies for more information.

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