Using machine learning to improve data matching accuracy in the public sector

Posted on 14 December, 2018 by Guy Bradshaw

At Entity we’re currently working together with IBM on an innovative new project to explore how machine learning can be used to improve the efficiency of MDM data matching and manual task resolution. A key function of MDM systems is to identify duplicate data across multiple systems, using matching...

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Data Changemakers 15 Jay Limburn

Data Changemakers 15: Jay Limburn, Distinguished Engineer and Director, IBM

Posted on 03 September, 2018 by Guy Bradshaw

The Data Changemakers series is a set of interviews and interactions with people who have spent their careers working in or around data and data management initiatives. They have a vision for the data journey and we want to understand what they have learnt and how that drives what...

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Master Data Advisors Circle

Meet the Master Data Advisors – A Video Introduction

Posted on 16 April, 2018 by Kate Tickner

Master Data Advisors – Introduction In our first joint event since our launch in late 2018, Entity Group and parsionate – the Master Data Advisors – are coming together in Berlin this week to share our story with attendees at the Informatica EMEA MDM 360 Summit. Entity Group and parsionate...

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Calling all data changemakers – we’re hiring! Come and join us?

Posted on 11 January, 2018 by James Wilkinson

The new year has certainly started with a bang and all the evidence points to a bumper year. Data Governance, Information Management and data Science are coming of age and getting the attention that they demand and deserve. Entity continues to focus exclusively on helping our customers through these...

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Matchability D Harmony

Technical Spotlight 6: D-Harmony – how suitable is your data for matching?

Posted on 23 November, 2017 by Matthew Harris

Gaining a full, 360° view of your customers is a goal that many organisations aspire to. It can allow data scientists and data analysts to deliver business value in many areas, for example to find spending patterns (retail) or repeat offenders (policing). It is reasonably well understood that the...

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Wax on Wax off

Five data properties to consider for great MDM matching results

Posted on 25 October, 2017 by Matthew Harris

The importance of understanding your data This blog, the fifth in our series is going to try and spark your imagination when it comes to data, invite you to start to think about fundamental aspects of that data, and how you could use those fundamentals to your advantage. It...

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How to optimise probabilistic matching performance on massive data sets

Posted on 13 September, 2017 by Matthew Harris

Within a probabilistic matching* engine (PME) there are 3 key stages: Standardization Candidate Selection Comparison *For an explanation of probabilistic matching see my previous blog here. These 3 key stages, when implemented together, allow for very efficient performance on massive data sets, both in terms of speed of matching...

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MDM Image

Our Take on Gartner’s Master Data Management Advice

Posted on 01 August, 2017 by Kate Tickner

Entity Group has, for the third year in succession, been included in the Gartner Market Guide for MDM External Service Providers, published March 2017 (ESPs). We are delighted to be listed once again by Gartner for MDM solutions. This discussion considers our take on the report – where we...

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Delta Triangle

Why GDPR and data strategy are two sides of the same coin

Posted on 16 March, 2017 by Jason Edge

Crossing the GDPR data delta At Entity Group we see GDPR as an opportunity for organisations acting in the role of data controllers and data processors to build trust with data subjects (the individuals whose data they hold) to become truly customer/citizen/employee centric. All too often organisations do not...

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Big Bad GDPR

Who’s afraid of the big bad GDPR?

Posted on 06 March, 2017 by Jason Edge

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. Four letters that may be striking fear into the heart of your organisation. Why? Yes, the potential fines are scary (up to 4% of global turnover)… Yes, there are significant unknowns… Yes, it is potentially a massive change of mindset… But what...

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