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The facts

421 Projects
92 Global Customers
Impact in 15 Countries

Our clients aspire to become digitally agile

Our clients are generally trying to achieve some form of digital transformation. We use our expertise to advise them on how best to interact with their customers, suppliers, employees or products. They need help creating the digital infrastructure required to fuel this strategic change.

Entity Group’s information management consultants specialise in helping them to:

  • Identify the specific business outcomes that they require, establish a business case for change and define suitable measurements to monitor progress toward those outcomes
  • Understand their current information landscape and the way in which the data they need in order to achieve success is flowing through their organisation today
  • Identify the gaps in people, process, technology and data infrastructure that will limit their ability to succeed
  • Define the level of process, cultural and technology change required to deliver success
  • Establish a pragmatic/agile delivery plan to implement the changes while proving tangible incremental value each step of the way
  • Maximise the value of current and planned investments throughout the transition
  • Oversee or directly implement the solution(s)

Our sectors

Global. Independent. Expert.

Our Partners

Our values

Genuinely care
We genuinely care about what we do, the way that we do it, and the people we do it for.

Dependable & reliable
We are dependable and reliable. We see things through.

Mental toughness
We apply mental toughness to solving problems and getting things done. We employ discipline, hard work and persistence to ensure the quality and timeliness of delivery.

We seek to do the right things and make a difference. This covers quality and value for money, our business ethics and approach.

Hungry to learn
We are hungry to learn. We enjoy solving real world problems, being creative and innovative in all that we do.

Working together
We can only achieve our goals through people working effectively together – staff and customers alike.

Brutal honesty
We act with professional integrity and always aim for frankness to the point of brutal honesty, even when customers are reluctant to hear.

Where do our company values apply?
Everywhere – In all that we do, say and write.

Company history

Entity Group was founded in 1987. Its first customer was Merrill Lynch, which commissioned Entity Group to advise and guide it through the complexity of FSA regulation reporting requirements. Then Daihatsu and Renault required solutions that solved some of the complexity of business trading activities between the importer and their widely dispersed dealer outlets, using a combination of bespoke applications and EDI technologies. Entity’s reputation began to develop, leading to it building bespoke manufacturing process automation solutions for Quest International, a fragrances manufacturing company within the Unilever Group.

Throughout the 90’s Entity Group delivered bespoke solutions across the automotive, finance and insurance, manufacturing, education and not for profit sectors, and built long term relationships with a number of companies, who, to this day, trust Entity as their technology partner. These long-term clients include:

  • Halfords
  • Save the Children
  • Boots Opticians
  • Copyright Licensing Agency

By the mid 2000’s, Entity Group’s skills base had become varied across a number of data management technologies as bespoke development, by its nature, often required learning of new skillsets.

In 2006, this core understanding of how to help companies extract value from their data and from their information, developed through building numerous bespoke solutions for clients, resulted in Entity Group being invited by Initiate Systems (at the time the largest global pure-play Master Data Management software vendor) to provide implementation and support services to its fledgling EMEA operations, and this relationship flourished throughout subsequent years until Initiate was acquired by IBM.

Towards the end of the 2010s it became apparent that Entity Group’s generalist bespoke solution delivery business model was under threat from the commoditisation of software development services by offshore companies. It was also apparent that Entity Group was well positioned in a niche information management market with high growth expectations. Thus in 2011 Entity Group hired James Wilkinson to spearhead its growth into the information management market.

Since 2011 Entity Group has experienced impressive growth, quadrupling in size and revenues. The company now works with many global partners such as Informatica, IBM, Semarchy, Capgemini and many more. Entity Group is highly regarded by these global software vendors and its data domain expertise often sees it called in to solve unusual or highly-challenging business data issues on their behalf.

In July 2018 Entity Group joined forces with Jibes, based in the Netherlands. The combined group will focus on helping customers with their digital transformation through the governance, management and exploitation of critical data assets.

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